Everyday nature and the entirety of its life forms are endangered because of the tons of plastic waste that are released due to the use of single-use plastic products. This is a very dire situation considering the fact that 8.3 billion plus tons of plastic have been produced worldwide since the 1950s and just under 10% of that figure of it has been recycled. According to National Geographic, 73% of all beach litter is plastic, with more than 1.1 million seabirds and animals killed every year by plastics.

Humans are not spared by this plastic problem as research has shown that chemical additives used during plastic production can eventually cause endocrine disruption and they are carcinogenic too. 

These trends will continue if we don’t make conscious efforts to actively participate in making our planet a better place. Plastics will basically last forever so there’s little we can actually do to rid our planet and ourselves of the havoc already caused by the incessant pollution from the past. 

What we can do though is secure the future of our planet and the ecosystem. By making small changes in our lifestyles that would surely culminate into big differences on the long run. 

Zero-waste is the way to go! This movement is finally gaining traction on the international scene. Many people including leaders are beginning to see that the unbalance in our ecosystem caused by pollution is a massive threat to every life-form on earth including us humans too. 

We at Greenzla understand this too, that is why we ventured into this whole new world of possibilities regarding our ecosystem with our wide range of eco-friendly products that not only help keep our dear planet safe but are also high on the quality and style spectra. Because of this passion for the environment, all of our products are made using sustainable materials that are biodegradable and most times reusable. 

We will continue to remain pro-active in this fight for a better planet. We are glad that you would like to be a part of this too and we say a big thank you to everybody making moves to advance the zero-waste movement.

Connect with us on any of our social media pages or via our website to join us and get more insights and information on how to effectively impact the planet positively in your own little-big way!

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