The possibility of a more viable and environmentally informed world is what we believe in at Greenzla. We also believe that for this to become a reality, it is totally up to us!

Our mission is to provide quality, cost-effective and zero-waste products with the end-goal of reducing waste generation by our very own dear planet.

We find it quite alarming that we use plastic - a material fundamentally designed to last forever - for many short term products. Everyday, tons of plastic waste continue to wreak havoc on our ecosystem. 

We are on a journey to replace plastics and pleased that you’re considering it too! 

Responsibility for our planet lies in our hands and we know it takes a lot of bravery to change a lot of mindsets and challenge the state of affairs. 

This is why we’re constituting a tribe of individuals passionate enough to help build this ethical world. We all share this zeal for a zero-waste earth and share ideas and information that would further the cause.

We pledge to always improve our line of viable and sustainable bamboo products and to keep working tirelessly until the goal of a plastic waste-free environment is achieved. Thank you for coming on this journey with Greenzla    


“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it”